The Likes

by Divey

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released July 2, 2016

Words and music by Alexander Garzone
Mixed by Alexander Garzone and Frank Mullin at A slow hug Studios Providence, RI
Recorded at subModern studios Olneyville, USA by Andy Davis
Original artwork by Alexander Garzone and Brendan O'Donnell

Alexander Garzone - Vocals, Guitar and Drums
Rachel Jorgensen - Lead guitar on tracks 2 & 5, Rhodes on track 4
Frank Mullin - Bass
Andy Davis - Bkg Vocals on track 1



all rights reserved


Divey Providence, Rhode Island

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Track Name: Bleed
take it away baby please
i'm caught in the current of everything
where it's better to burn out than bleed
over and over i sing

you tried so hard just to give in
to everything before it begins
and it was never meant to hurt like it did
when it was meant to be for us

please help me understand
all that whispers in my head
all the yellows and the reds
Track Name: Dirty Girl
wait a minute can't you see
what's happening to you and me
didn't you read inbetween every lie
have i left and i right

you said that you never felt at home
living so alone
this ain't the kind of hurt that'll bleed us dry
on the bathroom sink
you were always my dirty girl and i miss you so

i can't show you anything
i can't give you anything -that isn't dead in me
Track Name: Grey Scale
how long until you say what you fell
grey sky appeal has it's fever in me
how high do you need it to be
until you can sleep peacefully

what does the truth mean to you
as colorless as the dreams it gives to you
by now you know what you need
and if it dies it dies in me

where do you go when you run from the blues
where do you go when you're sad and you lose
this fever is killing me
Track Name: New Car
take me for a ride in the new car
slip it into drive we won't go far
past the schools where you got your ass beat
you kissed your mother's feet

take me fore a ride in the new airplane
we'll lose ourselves over the hills and through the yards
empty mailboxes nothing left to write
we'll stay up past midnight with the echo from the days
take me for a ride
take me for a ride

and we'll go drive real slow
through caramel clothes as if nothing's fair
Track Name: Like It Used To
it doesn't feel like it used to
when you walk through the room
and i know that i'm polluted
so you did the best that you could

i can clean up like it was only childlike
won't you please sing me to sleep

why can't i see straight
please pick me up and put me back to bed
where my i eyes will slip straight through everything
even his face

but for now i'll escape
to the place you're living in
Track Name: Walk Me Slowly
walk me slowly
don't you let me down
wait for sunday
i don't want to play this game
everybody only knows part of the story
you came to me like the rain
slowly sinking falling on me fast
this love is leaving it's so misleading again
walk me slowly
don't you let me down
Track Name: My Ma
if i could find a place to get out of here i would
walk away from the reasons hone myself to a monk-like living
call for me i won't answer
you gave me things that i hadn't seen before
a new pair of shoes or a name brand jacket
nothing competes with you

i want to come back home
back to the living
back to understanding